General Insulation Recommendations for Flats and Rooms

General Insulation Recommendations for Apartment and Room

Although the questions of how to make thermal insulation inside the house and how to make thermal insulation inside the room cause confusion separately, the process to be done for both is basically the same. In apartment and room insulations, 1-2 cm insulation is generally used and various plaster materials are preferred. In order not to cause cracks over time, a quality plaster should be preferred in the plaster material to be used on the insulation. In general, it is sufficient to insulate the north facade of the building. This is a method that does not fully meet expectations. Because heat leakage may occur with this method. Insulation should be applied to all four facades to get the best efficiency.


Floor Thermal Insulation Recommendations

The question of how to make floor thermal insulation is one of the questions frequently asked by those who want to have thermal insulation. It is important to consider some recommendations for this. Thus, a more efficient floor thermal insulation can be obtained. Thermal insulation mats can be used under the parquet in floor thermal insulation. In addition, a thermal insulation barrier can be created under the existing screeds on the floor. To get the best results, the insulation on the floor can be reinforced with wall insulation. Thus, the air flow that may occur from the wall to the floor can be prevented.


Ceiling Thermal Insulation Recommendations

Heated air rises and heat loss occurs if there is no insulation on the ceiling. In order to prevent this heat loss, we must first answer the question of how to make ceiling thermal insulation. Ceiling thermal insulation is made with glass wool roofing mattress with aluminium foil. This mattress is laid on the floor and insulation is carried out. The mattress used during ceiling insulation should not be closed in any way. Since it is a flimsy material, no pressure should be created on it and no load should be placed on it. Foil surfaces should be laid in such a way that they remain on the hot side and care should be taken to position this part in such a way that it will take air. Care should be taken not to contact with water in case the air gaps in the fibres are filled with water.


Thermal Insulation Recommendations for Your Windows and Windows

At the beginning, it is necessary to answer the question "How is glass heat insulation done?". Heat insulated glasses are glasses with double glazing feature and these glasses minimise air permeability. Thanks to these glasses, heat insulation is realised. The question of how to make window thermal insulation is another one that needs to be answered. Window thermal insulation can be provided by making the necessary insulation in the frames. If the frame has sufficient insulation, but the glass is in a structure that does not contain double glazing, the glass can also be changed. If air flow cannot be prevented even if all the requirements are met, it should be determined whether there is a problem in the window installation and if necessary, wedging should be applied. Problems arising from the internal parts of the window can be prevented by means of insulation tapes. At the end of all these insulation processes, you can keep your home at the desired temperature.