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Jamb Groups! What you need to perfectly decorate and protect your homes, workplaces or projects is to add beauty with the highest quality jamb groups. We offer a world that does not limit your imagination for your exterior decoration. 

Why Jamb Groups?

Insulation Printing Sheathing; Insulation printing sheathing, which aims to ensure the continuity of insulation by wrapping your buildings like a mantle, is made as a result of coating EPS with acrylic-based liquids with high density values. Visually adding value to the structure, thermal insulation as well as noise and liquid flow, as well as preventing the insulation process, is one of the insulation types recommended by engineers. Thanks to its durable structure and advanced design, it will protect your buildings from bad weather conditions and undesirable situations such as rain-wind without being damaged for years.

Exterior Cladding

It can be painted in different colors according to your preference and different images can be obtained. If we talk about the general features of insulation printing sheathing:

-It is very light and provides high energy savings.
-It is applied in a very short time and is an easy process.
-It is waterproof and environmentally friendly.
-It is extremely successful not only in thermal insulation but also in sound insulation.
-It does not lose its properties even after years and aesthetically adds value to buildings.
Considering these features, we can understand that the insulation printing sheathing type is extremely important among the exterior sheathing. If you want to apply a type of sheathing that is environmentally friendly, durable and preserves its visuality for many years, as well as thermal insulation to your buildings; insulation printing sheathing will do your job.

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As Izodekor, we are here to make your dream wall decorations come true wherever your living space is.

If you want to create stylish designs in your home, you can use our new generation decoration product Styrofoam wall panels, and you can get a brand new atmosphere with unlimited color and design options. In addition, thanks to its heat and sound insulation function, you can create interior spaces with calm and seasonal temperatures. In addition, you can do all these in a short time without the need for a master or you can get online help from our experts.

Continuous principles of our company are always customer satisfaction, quality, service, timely delivery and reasonable price guarantee.

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Customer satisfaction is always our priority. Our experienced and expert team is here to provide you with the best service. We guide you at every stage of your project and fulfil your requests completely.If you are looking for quality, aesthetics and functionality in exterior decoration, we are ready to offer you the best as Jamb Groups. Contact us and take your project one step further!

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