Benefits of exterior wall cladding

Thanks to the benefits of exterior cladding applied to buildings, you can save both energy and economic savings.

Today, with the developing technology, many alternative solutions are being implemented especially for energy saving. The benefits of sheathing, which is one of these solutions and used for thermal insulation, are among these innovative solutions.

Extends Building Life

Although it is mostly known as thermal insulation, one of the advantages of exterior cladding is that it minimises the damage caused by rain, snow and wind. It extends the life of the building by protecting it from the effects of destruction caused by weather conditions over time.

Energy Saving

The correct use of energy is gaining importance in every field day by day. One of the most important benefits of exterior cladding is that it saves energy. It provides approximately 50% energy savings and economic gains.

Stabilises Heat

Thanks to its thermal insulation, it helps to keep the heat inside the houses in cold weather in winter. By maintaining the room temperature, which should be 20 - 22 degrees on average, it not only keeps the air warm in winter, but also ensures that the summers are cooler in the houses.

Prevents Moisture

The moisture that causes dampness is mostly caused by condensation on the outer surface. In addition, mould and fungus formation is also caused by high humidity. Thanks to the exterior cladding, such negative situations are eliminated by creating thermal balance.

Protection Against Fire

Exterior cladding types also have different functions. Among these, coatings made with mineral wool provide maximum protection against fire. On the basis of European Harmonised Classification Standards, A1 class constitutes the highest quality group in terms of non-flammability.

Prevention of Noise Pollution

Although a performance as high as sound insulation cannot be mentioned, thanks to the exterior cladding, the insulation of the air is also realised to a certain extent and isolates the noise. This adds a value that makes residences more comfortable, especially for busy streets in crowded cities.

Aesthetic Appearance

It helps to give a new appearance suitable for buildings by choosing among many different exterior cladding models. Thus, the building not only saves in terms of economic and energy, but also enriches aesthetically with its appearance thanks to the exterior cladding.